What is LOGIN?

LOGIN is the annual biggest innovation festival in the Baltics, that gather tech and progress enthusiasts. This year LOGIN conference will be held at Litexpo, Vilnius on May 11-12 and broadcasted online for conference attendees.

What are the dates for LOGIN 2023?

This year LOGIN 2023 will be held on May 11-12. The conference will convene at Litexpo, Vilnius and broadcasted online for conference attendees.

Where LOGIN 2023 takes place?

Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, at Laisves av. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania.

How and where can I buy tickets to LOGIN?

Tickets are sold at www.konferencija.login.lt only. Select your ticket type and amount, choose your payment method, enter the needed data and click “Pay”. That’s it! You’ll receive your tickets directly to your email inbox. Please be sure to enter a valid email address. If you have any trouble, please contact us by [email protected].

Where can I find my ticket?

Check your email inbox, that you’ve entered during purchase process, your ticket should be there. If you cannot find it there, please check your spam box. You can also look by entering “Fienta” into your email search. If you have any trouble, please contact us by [email protected].

I need an invoice for my ticket. How can I get it?

There are two ways companies can receive invoice for their purchase. 1) Invoice after payment by bank-link or credit card. At the checkout process, where you have to choose payment method, checkbox will appear with a title "I would like an invoice for my company". Mark the checkbox, enter the company's details and the invoice will be attached to the letter together with your tickets. 2) Invoice before payment. This is an option for companies which want to reserve tickets and pay later, and need an invoice for their purchase. Choosing this payment method, you will be asked to insert your company's details and obtain an Preforma invoice. Download proforma invoice and pay it with money transfer from your bank. Final invoice and tickets will be reserved for you and sent after the proforma invoice is paid. Important: The invoice is issued by the event organiser UAB "Delfi". No other invoices are needed.

I can’t attend LOGIN anymore. Can I get a refund?

Full refund is granted if you cancel your ticket within 14 days of booking. We have a strict no refunds policy after this date. Important: only the person, who placed an order, has a right to ask for money refund. In 30 days period, money will be transferred back to the bank account from which the payment for these tickets was received. To get a refund: Resend your ticket email to our ticket providers to [email protected]. Please, do not change the subject, as the order ID is included in it. In your email, please make a note asking for ticket refund. Important: if you have bought more than one ticket and want to get refund for one of the tickets only, please be sure to resend pdf of the exact ticket. Fienta customer service will contact you as soon as possible and hold this process in their hands until money will get back to you. Refunded tickets will be made invalid to use. In case you cannot contact Fienta, please contact us to [email protected].

Do you sell one day tickets?

No. All tickets give access to both LOGIN conference days.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person during the conference?

No. Tickets as once registered and scanned are made invalid to use for a second time. After the registration every attendee receives LOGIN bracelet that stands as a ticket to enter event venue and other events if included into ticket. Bracelet is one time use and not removable and for both event days.

I lost my ticket. What should I do?

Please look for your ticket by these steps: -Check your email inbox, that you’ve entered during purchase process, your ticket should be there. -Please check your spam box. -You can also look by entering “Fienta” into your email search. -If you still cannot find your ticket, please contact us by [email protected].

Are children allowed to enter the event?

Children by age of 7 are allowed to enter for free.

How can I watch the live stream of the LOGIN 2023 conference?

To access the live stream, visit - https://konferencija.login.lt/. During the conference days there is going to be a button - Watch LOGIN 2023 online. Click on this sign. You will be taken to a page with all five main stages where the live stream will take place. To watch the live stream, you will need to enter the numeric/letter code, which is indicated on your ticket, below the QR code. Enter this code in the login field provided and watch the live stream. If you have any trouble, please contact us by phone +37062755994 or by email [email protected].

Who can watch the live stream of the LOGIN 2023 conference?

The live stream will be available to anyone with a standard, student or online ticket. After the conference, a recorded live stream will be uploaded to - https://konferencija.login.lt/, which you will be able to view by logging in with your ticket.